Welcome to Jhonghe Elementary School, located in the small rural town of Pitou in Changhua County, Taiwan. This school has a student body of 168 students, and is situated in an area surrounded by beautiful agricultural landscapes. The school grounds are well-maintained, with a large track, basketball court, and playground for students to enjoy.

One of the school's greatest achievements is its track team, which has won many competitions thanks to the guidance of dedicated and skilled coaches. The school also boasts a strong bilingual program, featuring a foreign English teacher to help students develop their language skills. 

Overall, Jhonghe Elementary School is a wonderful educational institution that provides students with the resources and opportunities to succeed both academically and physically. The school's focus on athletics, language education, and rural community make it a great choice for families in the area.

歡迎來到中和國小,學校位於台灣彰化縣埤頭。這所學校有168名學生,並位於一個美麗的農業地區。學校校園很優雅,擁有一個很大的跑道、籃球場和遊樂場供學生們使用。  完整中文按左邊<開合建>